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CRM software for company. POWERCRM

We create proprietary and dedicated POWERCRM software.
We give flexible packages tailored to your needs.You customize the modules of the software yourself, choose only the ones you need, or together we carry out the process of analyzing the needs and implementation of CRM in your company.

We build and develop our own solutions by creating tailored and effective mechanisms for companies that want to grow, build relationships with customers, analyze data and work of the team and improve sales processes.

We implement CRM software for companies - our product POWERCRM dedicated to business and ecommerce.
Our software are based on our own working environment. Created CRM software as a set of appropriate modules means that we can tailor our software to any need by configuring sets accordingly, which will work optimally for your business.

CRM software for Business - Proprietary, flexible solutions.

systemy CRM dla firm - POWERCRM
system CRM dla fotowoltaika

Check the capabilities of our CRM system.
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CRM software. Turn on POWERCRM.

Control and optimize the sales process

Ideal and customized modern and intuitive CRM software for companies.Check and forecast sales results.Take care and optimize processes, information flow in your company.

Analyze the data. Draw conclusions

By analyzing the data, generating any statistics, you will find out where the potential problems are in your team.

Automating the work of salespeople

Move the manual work of your salespeople and marketing department to automated processes. Save time and eliminate human error. Automate mail operations, internal company communications.

Data security

CRM for businesses is high-speed servers and cloud hosting. CRM cloud is the basic version of our solution. Daily data backups and advanced encryption ensure the highest level of security.

All documents in one place

One base to manage your company's records. Share relevant documents for accounting, legal or sales departments. Each CRM user has individual rights and shared resources.

Statuses and reminders

Each Project Manager has the ability to assign statuses and reminders to their user group. Thus, daily work with the CRM software eliminates the need to create notes and remember to send documents on time.

Increase conversion
at every stage of the sales process
system crm

With us you will check what influences the quality of work and results of your team, at what stage of the sales funnel you acquire a customer, when you lose leads and why.

Automate the work of salespeople. The administration and preparation of documents can be automatic, including reminders to generate and send them to the client.

Our POWERCRit is the heart of your company.
Thanks to us, all data about orders, clients, notes, offers and arrangements will be in one place, available to all users with specific access rights.

Build a relationship with your customers - CRM software for companies

Create relationships and manage contacts. Analyze any data on graphical charts.Thanks to our solutions in POWERCRM, looking at the data takes on a new dimensionYou can freely filter the data at any time to be able to analyze it, export it from the software send it to customers.

Don't you know where in the sales funnel you are losing Customers ?Where are the inquiries coming from, from which campaign ? Is your sales team meeting the plan ?With our solutions, you are able to quickly and simply check the information you need to make a decision on a database. Your team will be able to work in the software on a daily basis and use its potential to automate their work.

systemy CRM

Case studies.

portal internetowy Milmag
Implementation of CRM system for Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika

Realization of CRM for creating photovoltaic investment offers for the marketing department and traders

We have prepared, together with the Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika team, a custom-designed and implemented CRM system to assist in the daily work of traders.

The CRM system automates the process of calculating a photovoltaic installation, as well as the process of selecting modules and composing sets.

Especially useful is the mobile version for working in the field when entering data into the system.

tworzenie portalu internetowego na Wordpress
CRM system for Polish Photovoltaic Academy

How to efficiently manage training sales and build relationships with customers.

We implemented a custom CRM system that monitors the training sales process.

Thanks to the integration with the website on which the sale takes place and the implemented analytics, the CRM serves as a tool for measuring conversions and managing training courses, as well as communicating with customers who have purchased the product.

projektowanie portalu internetowego dla sportowców
Dedicated CRM system for the law firm Cancel Credit

How to efficiently manage the telemarketing department and analyze leads.

We have created a dedicated CRM system for Cancel Credit.  

All telemarketing operations are recorded directly in the system by employees, so the administrator can see the statuses of leads and the effectiveness of each telemarketer. The system allows generating contracts and documents for the accounting department and direct contact with the customer from the panel.

system CRM dla fotowoltaika

Check out the capabilities of our CRM system.Learn about packages and pricing.

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Get your company's processes in order

Processes and quality monitoring is the basic issue of taking care of the relationship and order. Marketing processes, sales processes - all in one place in relevant modules simply accessible through the clear interface of our CRM software for companies - POWERCRM. For the sake of your customers, it is worth monitoring the flow of data constantly.

Build a relationship with Customers on a long-term basis and coordinate cooperation in one place. A consistent database is the idea of simple knowledge managementTo organize data, we have created modules for reporting and measuring the effectiveness of activities by management.

POWERCRM mobile enterprise software

Development, progress and innovation are the engine of our activities
We know that work today is not only office and stationary work solutions. To meet the needs of our clients, we put at their disposal our mobile software which is accessible from mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

CRM software for companies and more

In addition to creating advanced and dedicated CRM software, our agency also implements website and application development. If you want to create a professional website see our proprietary approach to UX design and data analysis.

Wordpress website design

Our offer CRM software for :

CRM software for ITCRM software for finance and insuranceCRM software for cateringCRM software photovoltaicsCRM software for home buildersCRM software for medium companiesCRM software for manufacturingCRM software for kindergartenCRM software for travel agenciesCRM software for industry and automationCRM software for pharmacy and medicineCRM software for Call Center

Types and roles of corporate CRM software

Adapting to the businesses of our customers, we have created 3 main predefined versions of the software adequately prepared to work with different data.

Communication CRM software Assists in managing contacts and customer database. It facilitates the transfer of information and its export.

Operational CRM software Offers numerous facilities for the automation of the company's work.

Analytical CRM software Thanks to this module, without any problem, the company can collect data directly imported from other software or forms on the site. The data is subjected to appropriate processing and analysis.

What features should a professional CRM software have ?

Unlike boxed versions of CRM software, our software is a completely flexible and modular set of tools that you can choose according to your own needs.Are there limits to tasks, space, the number of execution of operations ?

In our software there are no limits to the ability to create reports, analysis, user roles. By building the right set of capabilities you yourself determine what basic functionality is necessary for the development of your business.

Ease of use of the administration panelEvery software should be as easy to use as possible. We know this very well because in our resources we have graphic designers and UX designers.
The result of our cooperation was a software that is intuitive and easy to use, and does not require knowledge of intricate and complicated technical issues.Implementation and training of the CRM software Simple and quick implementation in 3 clicks is the advantage of implementing our POWERCRM software.

The remote installation process and the ability to use the software within 5 minutes of purchase are solutions we have worked on with special attention.No training requiredSimple and intuitive interface that adapts to the screen. The ability to edit the settings and appearance of the panel during the order process gives you a degree of sophistication in the solution to suit your needs.

system CRM dla fotowoltaika

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