Wordpress website design

We are practitioners and programmers who create websites based on this popular and fully flexible content management system on a daily basis. We design individually with the development of the architecture and structure of the website. Thanks to the knowledge of writing well-optimized code, we guarantee full responsiveness of pages on Wordpress and adaptation to the latest requirements of algorithms and users.

wordpress webdesign

Wordpress webdesign solutions

Fast and polished websites

The websites we create are individual implementations and system integrations. We know Wordpress from the inside and we know how to achieve perfect page performance for users and algorithms.

Our Wordpress website implementations are at least 90/100 points in analytical tools such as Google Page Speed or GTmetrix.com

We do not use templates or Wordpress paid or free themes

Programming websites in Wordpress is our specialty. We care about the code and its semantics. We have our own solutions for the frontend layer and Wordpress backend integration.

We do not need the Builder to work, because it gives worse optimization results and heavy code, which is practically impossible to optimize at the level of 90/100 points.

Over 300 implemented Wordpress sites

We have been implementing websites for over 10 years. At that time, we were dealing with Wordpress in various versions.

We remember Wordpress version 3 and the one without Gutenberg. We know how to get the best out of it ;)

Easy editing and intuitive admin dashboard

Properly prepared logic of the admin panel is the basis of our work in Wordpress implementations. The intuitiveness of the panel and full automation of activities for the administrator is crucial for us.

We implement a visual editor and give full editing possibilities thanks to the drag&drop editor.

Safety first

We know how to secure your Wordpress. The security plugin is not everything. It gives a false sense of security.

We have our own set of instructions and procedures to protect Wordpress against attacks or hacking.

We provide Wordpress maintenance and administration services

In addition to creating and implementing websites, we take care of and administer existing websites. Each website requires updating and periodic checking of the system version, plugins and compatibility with the latest and current major versions of the Wordpress system.

Webdesign Wordpress - case studies

Advantages of Wordpress pages

The Wordpress system is a powerful tool that can be used not only in simple corporate websites, but also with its help we can build a website or a CRM system

Simple and intuitive content management

Appropriate logical and functional preparation of the Wordpress backend is important from the point of view of the future administrator.

When designing Wordpress pages, it is important to take into account the Wordpress integration stage, having designed UX mock-ups and functionalities that will be possible to implement on the Wordpress dashboard side. It is important that the Wordpress system panel is prepared for specific requirements and provides the best possibilities to automate the administrator's work.

Flexibility to modify and expand

Thanks to the individual implementation of a website on Wordpress, you can efficiently and easily edit the current content and, using predefined modules and sections, create new subpages and sections simply by selecting them from the pool available in Wordpress.

You can easily set the number of section columns, headers, add photos that automatically adjust to the size of the container by generating jpg file formats and weights.

No additional fees - you only pay for the creation of a Wordpress website once

Wordpress is a publicly available tool. The Wordpress engine itself is not a paid solution.

The cost in the case of Wordpress is the implementation of the backend functionality, i.e. connecting the static html and css code of the website so that you can manage the content from the system level.

Wordpress ranks well

This popular password can be found on the websites of interactive agencies. The slogan is strongly marketing, however, to put it simply, it can only be said that Wordpress gives very good and a lot of optimization possibilities, from html, css and js code optimization to onsite SEO optimization.

Ability to integrate with other CRM platforms and systems

In the case of Wordpress pages, we get the option of installing and implementing any API of another system or platform.

You can easily implement a CRM system for a developer or an application or connect to the salesmanago platform.

No restrictions on implementation. You can implement any layout and functionality on Wordpress

In the case of a website in Wordpress, it is possible to encode and create any type of website, from very simple and template ones to complex ones with advanced functionality and graphic design.

This is because Wordpress, through integration with the appropriate php code, is plugged into the frontend html code and not vice versa.

Wordpress care and support

You don't have time to administer and update your website on Wordpress? Want to have peace of mind? See our WordPress site administration service. We offer technical reviews of websites, CMS and plugin updates, technical optimization and website management.

Wordpress website creation and design - learn the process

The process of creating a website on Wordpress cms is not much different from the process of typical website design. The difference in the case of a website on Wordpress is planning the admin functionality in advance and the possibilities you would like the admin panel to provide you with. A website for us is a product and a tool that is to be tailored primarily to your needs and customer expectations.

The most important benefits of creating a website on Wordpress

In the case of Wordpress, you can really implement anything.
The main functionalities that we can distinguish during our more than 10-year journey of getting to know and working on this system:

1) implementation of additional language versions,
2) preparation of personalized slider options, e.g. interchangeable use of the slider with slogans and CTA photos or videos,
3) running a blog and proper tagging of entries,
4) building new subpages on your own based on predefined modules, e.g. gallery module, FAQ section, 3-column layout, or short section with photos and text,
5) implementation of additional functionalities such as a calendar, newsletter, dedicated landing page subpages for a specific service containing a form, automatically generated galleries from a collection of photos without the need for additional preparation, or integration with external platforms such as salesmanago, Google Tag Manager scripts, etc.
6) excellent SEO optimization through a graphical interface for building title and description meta tags, creating internal linking or building content in accordance with the logic and guidelines of Google.

Wordpress website positioning

Our digital agency deals with comprehensive brand building on the Internet. For our clients, we offer website positioning and building their visibility in the Google search engine as the next stage of cooperation

We disprove the myth and the popular slogan 'Google likes Wordpress'

Contrary to the catchy slogans that 'wordpress pages position themselves' or 'google likes wordpress', these are just passwords that do not correspond to reality.

The algorithm primarily evaluates the technical optimization of the page, content, content adaptation to the query (i.e. key phrases), domain strength and links leading to it. It doesn't matter if it is Wordpress or a dedicated CMS engine, if a fairly extensive set of recommendations is not met, there is no question of a website being Google-friendly, regardless of the engine it is equipped with.

Are WordPress websites fast?

Yes. Definitely Wordpress pages, if they are well implemented and have well-encoded html and css, are able to achieve results at a minimum of 90/100 points. However, if we use the Wordpress builder, optimization may not help much here. In the case of popular Wordpress builder solutions, they are very difficult to optimize due to heavy code and a large number of js scripts.

How long does it take to create Wordpress pages?

It all depends on the graphic design and functionality to be implemented. In the case of a medium-advanced company website, it may take 2 to 3 weeks to implement and create a website on Wordpress. Our offer also includes designing Wordpress pages, taking into account the requirements and adjusting to the needs of future users and the administrator.

Is WordPress safe?

Like any content management system, it should be constantly monitored and updated. Wordpress left alone without proper version updates and plugins or themes will be vulnerable to hacking or attacks. It is worth taking care of updates and the current version of PHP on the server.

How much does it cost to make a website on Wordpress?

Websites are not just Wordpress alone. For the valuation and cost of creating websites in the Wordpress system, we also need to know the assumptions, prepare and design the information architecture and website structure. The most important stage is to define the scope of work of the designer and programmer who also takes part in the stage of website design in Wordpress.

Only having in mind the design of the Wordpress website in the desktop and mobile version, we can price the implementation of Wordpress. Approaching the topic of designing and creating a website comprehensively, after the first conversations and workshops with the client, we are able to determine the cost of comprehensive website implementation.

How to make a wordpress post page?

This is usually a solution that is implemented as a blog to a website. By default, Wordpress has categories, tags and entries that can be assigned to the appropriate categories. This is the basic and main function for which Wordpress was created.

Is WordPress free?

Yes, the Wordpress engine and files are available under an open source license. It means nothing more than that Wordpress itself is a free solution for creating websites.

Where to start creating Wordpress pages?

In our interactive agency, we start creating pages on Wordpress by collecting all the necessary information about the purpose and expectations of the website. We create website architecture and design UX usability mockups. A website is not only Wordpress but, above all, logic and building a positive user experience.

Is it possible to create online stores on Wordpress?

You can easily implement a website and an online store on Wordpress. There are ready-made modules and a set of ecommerce functionalities for Wordpress. An online store add-on that is additionally installed and extends Wordpress functionalities with e-commerce solutions is Woocommerce.

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