Wordpress Maintenance. Website administration

Don't have time ? Have us take care of your Wordpress website. We offer website care. Website administration is part of our offer. We take care of websites, update plugins and wordpress itself. We will correct and optimize the code and monitor the status of the website on a regular basis.

As an interactive agency, we know the importance of time and optimization. Often the lack of opportunities and constant procrastination of managing a website ends up leaving it alone, and after all, it's not about keeping a new website up to date for just a little while. Have your website taken care of by Wordpress specialists.

administracja i opieka nad stroną Wordpress

Wordpress website maintenance

Wordpress website maintenance

Your site on wordpress always secure.

At our agency, we know how important accessibility and security are. Deciding to cooperate with us, we offer a service of constant monitoring and care of the site. We will perform, as part of the monthly subscription, a technical review of the site, make a backup, update plugins and Wordpress.

Page administration in Wordpress

We offer support and assistance in website administration.

We realize that not every website owner has time to introduce new content, update the blog or build search engine visibility. We will comprehensively take care of the administration and care of your website.

Wordpress support and care

We support business by offering support for your website.

As part of the service and through the care of the site, our administrator is at your service.

We will answer any questions, advise on the best solutions, and if necessary we will suggest optimizing the site or changing the server.

Hourly subscriptions

We offer hourly packages for use or an estimate of the work at the start of cooperation in the form of a site analysis and a basic audit of the site's technical condition.

Wszelkie prace w ramach opieki Wordpress ustalamy na podstawie planowanych prac na dany miesiąc.

Constant supervision of the correct operation of the website

Thanks to online tools and monitoring of the correct operation of the site, we are the first to know about its potential problems. Dedicated software detects potential problems, failures or intrusions. This allows us to react with urgency

Updates and expansion of websites

You have a website but do not have time to update, maintain or position it. Our team will take care of comprehensive branding on the Internet.

Ongoing maintenance of the Wordpress site

Support and technical support, administration of Wordpress website.
With us, you will get time and professional care for your Wordpress website. We will provide peace of mind and update your site on time. All you need is a proper maintenance subscription and you're done.

Guarantee of quality and correct operation.
Our support gives you a 100% guarantee for trouble-free and trouble-free operation of your website. Monitoring of the current version of the website and Wordpress, plugins. Monitoring of positions and SEO effects. Updates to the content of the site.

What is the administration of the website ?

With the website administration service, you get constant control of our team over the maintenance and development of your website. In particular, we deal with Wordpress care service.

Website maintenance

Our administrator will take care of the administration of the website, carry out the work of Wordpress care and development of the site according to a strict plan and strategy.

Sam support nie musi być tylko techniczny, może to być również rozbudowa strony internetowej o nowy content zaplanowana na kolejne miesiące.

Website administration on Wordpress

The care of the website itself allows you to feel safe because we are sure that the site works continuously and is under the supervision of software that scans its errors and detects potential problems that may, for example, in the case of sites on Wordpress, disable its operation.

What does the care of a Wordpress website include :

1) updates to plugins, themes, wordpress, scripts,
2) backups and backups of the site,
3) monitoring site performance and security,
4) signaling needed changes as trends, Google algorithms evolve,
5) ongoing repairs and maintenance work (update),

Administration of editing websites :
1) updating and adding content,
2) making changes to the site,
3) expanding the site according to the strategy,
4) building visibility and optimizing content,

Website administration - why do sites on wordpress need updating ?

Wordpress and plugin development
Continuous expansion of wordpress capabilities expanded with new functionalities, available new extensions of themes and plug-ins make it necessary to keep websites on this cms system up to date. In addition, the successive new versions of wordpress available are also improving its security and solving problematic vulnerabilities and holes of previous versions. This is an important aspect that causes such a great need to update websites on this CMS, on the other hand, the sheer popularity of this system makes more than 60% of websites available on this system.

Wordpress not updated is vulnerable to attacks, viruses, hacks. Hackers, unfortunately, do not go slow and look for gaps and holes in the solutions of any system. That's why it's so important to keep your Wordpress up-to-date.

What about besides Wordpress care ?

Need to rebuild the structure of your site on Wordpress or your Wordpress is running slow and you would like to optimize it ?

Wordpress website design

Wordpress website maintenance

When to use a Wordpress website maintenance service ?

Depending on the type of website you have, you will need constant care for the website, or on your own if you have a cms system, you will be able to carry out the administration so that the website is up to date in content. In the case of simple websites, website care is not needed.

Company websites, business cards or onepage do not require constant administration, and issues of blogging or updating can be done in-house.

In the case of more complex websites, portals, stores, or digital products that require uninterrupted high-level performance, it is worthwhile to outsource the updating of the website to a company that is well versed in website maintenance, or already during the creation of the website to foresee the possibility of support and maintenance of the website by an interactive agency. This is because in the case of larger companies, there may not be a person dedicated to support or for whom taking care of the website will be an additional or problematic task.

A common problem of sites without a permanent service like: site administration
we can expect problems like :

1) lack of an up-to-date version of the management system and plug-ins of the site, e.g.: the news, blog section left for months to come looks bad to potential clients,
2) lack of a person responsible for changes to the site,
3) lack of backup (up-to-date security copies are important in case of a hack or virus) or review of the Wordpress system.

How much does it cost to administer websites on Wordpress ?

Wordpress website administration and care - price list

At our interactive agency, we provide website care and administration services in 4 basic subscription packages.

When you outsource, you are assured of security and no problems, and we regularly perform system updates, server capacity status, email boxes and monitor hosting.

It is recommended to update the site at least once a month, i.e.: make a copy of the site, check the code and backend layer. Site administration carried out irregularly is sometimes a potential problem and a reason for hacking or infecting the website.

How is the care of the website ?

How do we proceed with the work on the website so that the current version is not affected and the current data is available.

The basic element of Wordpress care work is to make backups before starting update and administration work. It's a guarantee that no data on your site will be deleted, and the site care service is carried out safely. See our packages.

Site administration saves up to a few hours a month for your employees. Find out the price list for the work of professionals watching over and giving security for many companies.

Wordpress website maintenance - packages

Package 1h - ad hoc website maintenance
Includes the basic service of performing the care of the Wordpress site.
As part of the administration, we will perform any solution to the problem, backup, make changes to the site (undertaking the analysis is not included in the quote).
The quote is given after the analysis on the basis of working hours.

Period to use the package within 2 months.
Price includes 1h of admin work.
Cost: 50$

2h package - usually simple work and site administration
Includes 2h of admin services for any use.
The period to use the package within 3 months.
Cost: 100$

Package 4h - a broader package, site administration
Includes 4h of admin services for any use.
The period to use the package within 4 months
Cost : 180$

10h package - care of the website in full mode
Includes 10h of administrator services for any use.
Period to use the package within 5 months
Cost : 450$

Wordpress maintenance - is it worth outsourcing ?

For us, the Wordpress environment is a daily occurrence. For you and your team, it may be too time-consuming to constantly keep an eye on Wordpress version updates and plug-ins, keep an eye on server space or SSL certificate validity. Wordpress care is comprehensive administration and taking care of the stable development of your website and making sure that it is always available on the Internet.

Emergency response time for administration and care ?

Response time for the administration over the site for your company depends on the selected mode of care. We carry out administration work in the following modes : urgent and standard. We work for you from Mon to Fri from 8 am to 6 pm providing services of administration, monitoring and care of sites on Wordpress.