Only properly implemented and configured Google Analytics 4,
is the basis for collecting real data for user analysis.

Web analytics

Explore the possibilities of web analytics.
Find out where customers are coming from and which ads are generating engagement and traffic

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Get reliable data with web analytics

Grow your business based on properly collected data.
See how users are navigating your website, which content they find interesting and engender engagement. See where you get the most traffic from and which advertising campaigns are profitable.

With web analytics, you will learn which marketing activities are beneficial. We will implement analytics and reporting to your website. By analyzing your site with heat maps, we will show you how far users scroll on a subpage, whether your website has usability issues and whether users understand its logic and functionality.

Implementation of web analytics

The basis for making informed decisions is data. Want to know which campaign brings the most engaged users, how to build advertising campaigns for those who buy the most and most often?

Do you want to build a campaign for people who visited the site but didn't buy anything ? By implementing analytics, you will learn everything about your customers and build correct remarketing lists.

Web analytics audit

Analyzing the currently implemented analytics involves determining the current and relevant conversions, goals, engagement rate for your business, checking the correctness of their setup and revenue generation, filter settings, and calculating campaign profitability.

More than 80% of Google Analytics reports collect bad data as a result of poorly configured tracking codes, duplicate tracking code, or no data at all.

Google Analytics reports - draw correct conclusions

Properly built reports and goal exploration in Google Analytics 4 will enable your company to work on specific data.

With the flexibility to build reports to your needs, you will learn where you are losing traffic or where customers are coming from.

Continuous analytical care

Goals, conversions, rejection rates, dwell time on the website are just some of the factors you should measure.

Over time, it is worth checking whether it is worth setting new measurement parameters and providing other data, e.g.: why do the products of a particular brand sell worse than others ? Are products from another category eagerly visited but no one makes a purchase?

Website conversion reports

Simple reports, defined as dedicated tabs for your needs in Google Analytics 4, will allow you to check the necessary data for marketing your business in one place.

In addition, reports can be prepared in a separate file in Google Data Studio, where we import data from events performed, actions on the site by the user, conversions and revenue from Google Ads campaigns in one place.

Optimization of marketing activities

We optimize Google Ads and social media advertising campaigns based on data.

We test new ad groups and slogans. We check the effectiveness and move the budget to the places that generate the most traffic.

Advantages of web analytics

We are creating a clear picture of the situation.
We build simple and clear reports from Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Search Console.

We determine the effectiveness of ongoing campaigns.
Our team creates personalized reports and gives solutions.

Technical optimization of websites.
Analyzing problems and upgrading websites.

Optimization of advertising campaigns
It is to reduce its costs, optimize its expenses and improve its efficiency (conversion).

Don't have time ?
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We make dedicated implementations of Google Analytics 4.
Configuring reports.

Web analytics is an ongoing process of analyzing and collecting data. At hauerpower, we work in 3 stages to implement and support your website analytics.

How do we carry out the implementation of analytics and how do we build reports ?

Web analytics is an ongoing process of analyzing and collecting data. At hauerpower, we work in 3 stages to implement and support your website analytics.

Survey of your company's business needs

At this point, we need to know your needs regarding what you want to measure and what actions you plan to take, whether you want to know the individual purchase steps, or whether a general knowledge of conversions and the balance of costs and profits of individual ad campaigns is enough.

Implementing web analytics to the site through GTM.

In this part, we implement through Google Tag Manager the analytics scripts (tracking codes) and configure the event (event) upload responsible for measuring conversions and individual actions performed on the website in Google Analytics 4.

Building dedicated reports

You can create complicated reports that tell you nothing, or you can provide specific data that give a picture of how the site is performing and the marketing activities being carried out. What is important is not only the conversion rate but the way the data is presented and visualized. The reports we prepare are visualization of data on bar charts, pie charts or in appropriate percentages allowing to draw appropriate conclusions from the actions of potential customers.

What is web analytics?

Web analytics is a set of analytical tools that are necessary to provide data from your website about users. To talk about implementing analytics on your site you must have implemented : Google Analytics version 4, Google Ads.

In the case of implementing these scripts, it is worthwhile to execute them through Google Tag Manager, because this approach gives you the ability to detect events of specific actions on the page, such as: clicking on the phone, sending a specific type of request or passing the variables (price) of ordering training or product from the page. Web analytics allows you to know from which subpage the most frequent inquiry forms are sent.

Benefits of implementing web analytics

Why web analytics is important for brands is evidenced by the specific data we are able to analyze thanks to it.

Measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts

With properly executed reports, you will gain real data given in a transparent way on not only conversion rate, site traffic or real-time data, but also data on the keywords from which they come to the site and data on the behavior of users after they enter the site.

Optimize conversions and advertising costs

If the cost per ad is high, it is worth checking the UX of the website and the way individual ad campaigns are prepared (the selection of phrases, keywords, descriptions and subpages for which ad groups are set). Often burning through the budget are typical and basic mistakes resulting from a lack of knowledge of what works how in terms of technical construction of ads, campaigns and individual selection of their parameters.

You will learn data about your audience

By implementing analytics into the website :

- you will learn the demographics and geographic data of users accessing your website
- you will check what devices are most often used to browse your website,
- you will start measuring clicks on CTAs such as : phone, email, form, you will start analyzing the time spent on the website and the rejection rate,

Implementing web analytics

Each project needs an individual approach

Are you wondering if your product could work better ? Or maybe you need a fresh look ?

We will help streamline and turn your idea into intuitive solutions. We will perform an audit, analyze the findings and start working together.
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