Web portal development

Designing web portals tailored to the needs with an intuitive administrator panel and high usability. Get to know our capabilities. Original web portal designs and implementation of administrator functions. Analysis and design of user paths, userflow.
We create tailored solutions. We design useful online webportals of all types: information, service, product, social, advertising, industry (automotive, sports, etc.).

web portal development

Custom online web portals

Designing web portals

Designing individual graphics for web portals is of the greatest importance to us. Tailored graphics and clarity of content. We design portals of all types: advertising, information, social, service.

Each project is preceded by a needs analysis and conversion maximization. During the design process, we conduct joint workshops with clients regarding the progress of work.

Designing portals - UX

We start designing portals with mock-ups and userflow. Together with the client, the stage of designing mock-ups is carried out in appropriate sprints and consulted during online workshops.

Designing UX and usability mockups so that the creation of the portal is simple is the construction of intuitive navigation and functionality as well as user scenarios depending on the role it is to play.

Creating web portals

Responsive and fast information and advertising portals, taking into account mobile first techniques, are our priority.

Individual and html code, css and integration with the database provides us with maximum use of resources and perfect optimization.

SEO optimization of web portals

At the design stage, we include key phrase analysis and SEO research. All this to build an information architecture corresponding to thematic silos for the main key phrases assigned to the appropriate categories of subpages.

Do you have a website that does not sell? We will improve and perform SEO optimization.

Web portals functionalities

Internet portals offer extensive functionality and possibilities. We are aware that the number of modules and solutions is unlimited, so we try to choose the best solutions for the needs of the future administrator and users.

The portals we create are characterized by simple operation and an intuitive administrator panel. Possibility of any configuration and selection of modules or subsequent expansion with new solutions.

Positioning of www portals

Creating an internet portal is the beginning of the road to building its visibility and profitability. We offer the opportunity to run and develop a strategy for creating visibility in the search engine through continuous work on its content development, marketing and link building.

Do you have a low number of page views and visits? We will check the reasons and perform an SEO audit, onsite and offsite SEO optimization. We will determine the cause of the decline and lack of traffic.

Designing web portals.
Case studies

How to design, what is a web portal?

A web portal does not differ in its basic structure from a website. In its construction, it has similar elements as header (header), body (general structure of the html template) and footer. However, this is where the similarities end. What is a web portal and how to create it? A web portal is primarily about modularity and advanced functionalities. When creating a portal, you should carefully consider the functionalities and roles for each type of user, already at the stage of planning UX mock-ups. An information and advertising portal is a completely different character, form of communication and a set of functionalities both from the user's and administrator's side.

Usually, a web portal is an aggregate of content and high-quality industry content written by professionals from a given industry. Currently, Internet portals are used to build communities and perfectly fulfill their role as any type of communicator automating cooperation between the company and the target customer.

Internet portals and community building Focusing users around one topic is the key role of an Internet portal. A user who can perform a specific set of functionalities, meet users with similar interests, achieve goals and appropriate tasks for which the portal was built allows the company to develop and create a community around the product or service.

Creating web portals as automation of the company's work. Building processes and introducing automation, e.g. saving payments directly to the CRM system or buying a subscription, are just some of the solutions. Creating a portal in CMS technology and backend or implementations based on popular solutions, e.g. cms wordpress. Which cms system to choose? Depending on the type of solutions, required server bandwidth and database connections, the work environment for the Internet portal should be properly selected.

Types of Internet portals

Below are the classifications and types we deal with when creating a web portal. Our interactive agency specializes in dedicated solutions with individual design and implementation of CMS solutions. What are the types of web portals ?

Based on our experience and market analysis, we can indicate several main types, see the main division due to functions and purpose.

Information webportals
Are mainly solutions that provide content from a given industry. The basic and important aspect is the informative character, and thus a properly prepared project that takes into account the clearly visible content of articles and news lists with a good contrast of content to the background or photos.

Planning the construction of content and appropriate text sections accepting more content is crucial here. Information portals focused on generating traffic and monetization in the form of paid advertisements or articles will be more likely to be ordered if we take care of optimization and building visibility in the Google search engine.

Social networking portals

Their main role is the possibility of conversation and communication between users.
They are perfect for building a community around the brand. It's not mainly about conversations because we could talk about a dating nature. The portal gives you the opportunity to build a community in a given field or industry. In our career, we have implemented a football community portal for athletes and coaches. Social networking sites should mainly be designed with the target group in mind and use the technical possibilities of the visual interface to the maximum in order to improve the positive experience of users using it as much as possible.

Advertisement portals

The creation of an advertising portal is technically no different from its other types. The differences can include, for example: other functionalities and types of subpages it has. An advertisement portal is a functionality of the main page in the form of a list containing photos and descriptions of advertisements. The matter is technically and visually simple, but with a user-friendly approach and the possibilities offered by the creation of the frontend layer, we can significantly stand out from the competition with solutions useful for the mobile version or positively surprise the user with facilitations and better UX design. An advertisement portal also requires a different layout and attention to the readability of the advertisement card. Dedicated portals This group includes all advanced and innovative or complex solutions that are built for dedicated groups of users with strictly defined functionality.

When implementing dedicated solutions, the most important thing is the plan and construction of the information architecture. Our interactive digital agency, planning the implementation of dedicated solutions for creating portals, always before starting work, we conduct a stage of workshops aimed at determining the basic needs and groups of recipients.

Successive iterations of meetings allow for the construction of a skeleton and information architecture, which allows for determining the costs and building a detailed specification in which the portal is already defined in more detail.

Optimization of web portals

A very important aspect right after the usability and graphic design is the technical optimization and SEO optimization of the website. It is important to also implement SEO and key phrase analysis during design work at the stage of mock-ups. This will allow you to properly plan the structure of the portal for SEO and properly prepare subpages and the category tree for specific key phrases.

Designing web portals - architecture

At hauerpower, we design graphics for an internet portal in several stages, the most important of which is a meeting and workshop with the client and the construction of an information architecture, after which mock-ups are created and graphics are designed. userflow diagrams and mock-ups.

Features of web portals

In order for the designed web portal to be effective and to implement the assumptions made at the stage of carrying out workshops at hauerpower, we have collected the basic assumptions that characterize a good web portal.
- visually at a high level, not overloaded,
- possible to be extended by another company,
- adapted to mobile devices, paying attention to the UX design and logic, and possible change / improvement of operation for mobile devices
- adapted to the target group

Webdesign Wordpress solutions

We create websites for the demanding. We design usability and user flow. Dedicated Wordpress solutions with SEO. See our proprietary web design.

webdesign wordpress

Internet web portals - query conversion

We recommend that after about a month or two from the launch, perform a UX analysis using the following method: - heat map analysis, e.g. hotjar.com or mouseflow.com - portal analysis by checking data and statistics in Google Analitycs.

Creating web portals - conversion and analytics This is how we get to know the conversion and the detailed implementation of the assumed goals.
We perform analyzes based on Google Analitycs and Google Search Console.

Price of the web portal ?

What is the price and cost of building and creating web portals?
The cost and prices of the implementation of the Internet portal depends to a large extent on its degree of development and complexity.

Without specifying the exact user scenarios, their roles and functions, it is difficult to clearly determine the cost of building a portal.

Creating specifications for the construction of an internet portal
When preparing a brief and an inquiry for an agency, it is worth preparing as much information as possible:
1) about the needs and goals pursued by the portal
2) functionalities on the part of each user, e.g. administrator, user with standard, premium level, write down at least a few basic tasks that can perform each type of user,
3) possibilities of using the portal for users before and after logging in,
4) provide visual and functional inspirations for the portal, e.g. in the form of a list with a comment, describe the competition and similar solutions that you would like to use.Standard Internet portal

The cost of building a typical portal with functionality, e.g.:
1) list of advertisements,
2) with the option of online payment,
3) with the possibility of registration,
4) creating lists of favorite advertisements,
5) saving advertisements and the possibility of adding paid advertisements

Webportals cost approx. :
20.000 - 30.000$ individual Nov this functionality, e.g.:
- the possibility of subscription in several levels,
- internal messaging system,
- the possibility of creating and managing a panel by different types of users,
- recurring payments system,
- the portal's own currency, e.g. tokens,
The cost is approx: 15.000 - 35.000$

Which cms to choose to create a portal?

There are many possibilities, from dedicated solutions to the use of ready-made or predefined CMS systems that will serve as the basic basis for further work on the portal. A possible solution is also the use of the popular Wordpress CMS system, which gives very good solutions and the ability to implement any necessary function due to the multitude of additional extensions and flexibility in writing your own solutions.

When choosing a CMS, it is worth considering its optimization capabilities in terms of SEO, because in the case of boxed versions or subscription solutions, we may have problems with adapting the onsite optimization to our needs (e.g. the correct structure of html elements or h1-h3 headings).

What kind of web hosting to choose?

The server is a very important part affecting the correct operation and speed of work, loading content and their proper presentation in the browser. The web portal will present the content quickly, however, it needs a good server response time, of course, this is influenced by the coding and the language used and the speed of the server.

It can be a bottleneck in the data download process if we have a low-class shared server or with too little memory RAM. In the case of solutions with advanced functions, user roles, it is worth equipping yourself with dedicated solutions offered by hosting.

How long does it take to create a portal?

The implementation of the performance itself is divided into several stages, each of which takes a certain time and follows one another.

Depending on the specification and functions, assuming the creation of dedicated solutions, the following should be prepared:
1) an appropriate number of dedicated views, i.e. prototyping UX mock-ups,
2) interaction designs and user paths,
3) UI graphic design.

The graphic part is usually taken for implementation about a month. including backend integration and optimization takes about 40 to 60 days.

Internet portals - what is needed to create?

First of all, a list of our expectations, what is the goal and what assumptions we have towards the created internet portal. It is also important whether we know what its monetization, traffic and user flow should look like, whether our brief is well thought out or does it require consultation and possible comments from the interactive agency?

The creation of portals takes place in several stages, it is important to determine its type at the very beginning and correctly prepare the structure and mock-ups, so that at the implementation stage you do not go back to its thorough reconstruction.