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Individually tailored solutions for your business. Creating modern and responsive websites. Designing websites that are intuitive, easy to administer and tailored to the needs of your company. For us, websites are a challenge and a story of your brand to share.

webdesign Chicago

Webdesign UX/UI - Chicago

Website design Chicago

Designing pages individually. Original graphic designs of websites.We know trends and user requirements. Graphic designs tailored to the needs of the target group.

Professional Website design

Designing mock-ups and UX usability of websites. Designing user paths and website architecture that respond to the needs of clients.We believe in minimalism and intuitive solutions.

Our Chicago websites are created based on customer needs analysis and joint workshops.

Webdesign high quality

Websites Chicago that work on any device. We guarantee the correctness of the code and dynamic scaling of the website on any mobile device.

We create fast and responsive frontend code.

Websites - technical SEO and optimisation

Every website needs to be optimized to be visible in the search engine. We know how to build thematic silos and content so that each subpage is prepared for keywords developed during SEO analysis and research.

If your website has no results, order SEO optimization.

Technical optimization of websites

Our optimization standards, website development and technical quality of the code meet the requirements of the following programs: Google Page Speed, Lighthouse and in the value from min. 88 points for mobile devices.

We make websites optimized for SEO. We care about the code, quality and usability, which allows us to obtain very good technical and UX parameters.

Website audits and positioning

If your website is not visible on Google, it is worth ordering an audit to check for potential problems.

Our team will perform an SEO audit, analyze the matching of content to key phrases, perform an onsite and offsite SEO audit, linking and competition. We will find out the cause of the decline, lack of movement and propose solutions.

Webdesign Chicago - case studies

How websites are created Chicago

Our interactive agency is a professional creation of websites based on the structure and UX architecture. It is a modern, intuitive website design by the concept of graphic minimalism with an emphasis on usability and functionality.

We design websites together with clients by holding online workshops where we discuss the progress of work together.

Web design - learn the process

If you do not know who you are addressing your offer to, who is your client, the first step to building a website is joint workshops with our team. We start designing websites from getting to know the team and the company.We will help you define your goals, build a profile of your ideal client and tailor solutions. The websites created in our agency allow you to appear in the Google search engine and conduct internet marketing.

Website development in Chicago

How to prepare to work with an agency?
How to order the creation of a website? What is a specification and a brief. See our guide to creating websites


Websites Chicago - our possibilities

Super Fast Websites

Our websites are fast. We use only good quality solutions for Frontend and to render code by robots and Google

Creative Design

Each design we working is high quality, modern project. We do design sprint with our clients

Technical optimalization

Technical SEO and great performance. That's our main specialization.

Mock-ups and prototyping of websites

At the Hauerpower interactive agency, we start designing websites with the design of functional mock-ups and creating the UX layer, i.e. developing information architecture.

The basis for developing a legible website at the Hauerpower interactive agency, Chicago, is a conversation and an interview on the basis of which we carry out the process of designing UX mock-ups.

The proposed solutions are tailored to the customer's requirements and the needs of the main recipients of his products or services.
The websites created in our agency are built from scratch based on the analysis of competition and the development of user paths and their target needs.
At this stage, we often ask questions such as: why did the user enter the site? what is he looking for? how can he find the information he needs?

At the stage of developing the UX of the website, we jointly build the user's journey on the website by creating paths and developing conversions to achieve the set goals.

Web design process - UI

Designing websites takes place as the second stage of cooperation. It is at this stage that the graphics of the website are designed for the developed UX model. Our graphic designers prepare a visual concept, which is then sent for approval.

At this stage of designing the Chicago website, we think together about the chosen graphic path, whether everything is designed in accordance with the company's mission and message, whether the developed style is consistent and clear to the recipient.

We design websites in our agency as part of the comprehensive preparation of the entire website. We design both mobile and desktop versions.

Website implementation Chicago

We create and program websites according to own proprietary solutions. We have our own technological stack, adopted standards that allow us to achieve high-quality code well rendered by browsers. Each website is coded from a prepared graphic design with perfect mapping.

CMS content management system installation

Programming and creating websites Warsaw is a process whose final stage is the implementation of a CMS content management system. We install the cms system on the client's server, we carry out tests and optimization.

Webdesign Chicago - question

Implementation of the CRM system to the website

We program our own CRM system solutions from scratch - we know how important it is for it to meet all the necessary requirements and be helpful in creating our own solutions. We are able to integrate any website with any CRM system.

We create responsive websites Chicago

It is important for us that each website is designed in the best possible way and adapted to the user's needs. We also take care of SEO and technical optimization for search engines in terms of SEO.

Responsiveness is the key to getting a large number of hits from the largest group of mobile users. It is worth remembering that the vast number of visits to websites takes place from phones. Therefore, they have in mind creating websites Warsaw is about building responsive solutions that facilitate the user's journey on the website.

Why websites should have perfect responsiveness?

The vast majority of traffic to websites, as shown by research and statistics, comes from mobile devices. A phone or tablet is currently the basic source of information and each of us spends several hours every day visiting various websites, portals, social media in search of entertainment and information. We use a search engine for this purpose.

Mobile websites are a must have.
Wanting to learn more, we browse various types of websites to find the answer to a question, make a purchase or order a service that interests us. Most of these activities are performed on a mobile device. If the website does not match the size of the browser window, there are no intuitive and dedicated design solutions for smaller screens, we may lose a large part of the traffic from the search engine and significantly reduce the conversion from this type of devices.

Website - analytics and statistics

Thanks to the implemented Google Analitycs statistics or tracking programs such as heat maps, websites serve companies as a valuable source of information in the process of learning about the expectations of its recipients regarding services or products. They provide data on how users navigate the website, what content arouses the greatest interest and where the website is entered or exited from.

Creating Chicago websites in our agency does not end with launching the website.

We conduct A/B analyzes and research, suggesting opportunities and changes to achieve even better sales results. Websites in Warsaw are not only their creation. Our interactive agency provides subscription work under which we update and develop websites, take care of your website, perform administrative work.As part of the service, we run social media and work on building the visibility of the pages.

Additional graphic design and social media support is not a problem for us. We are happy to support clients because we know that Warsaw is a big competition and a lot of work to build a brand on the Internet.

Why websites Chicago is a good choice for business development

Why is it worth having a website?

Chicago websites provide local customers. They build brand and trust in your company. Appropriate construction and clear structure will help your company gain new customers, reach more users with its offer. Websites with properly implemented analytics can provide information on the interest in your offer among customers, learn where the largest source of traffic comes from and who your target group is.

Are websites Warsaw a big cost for the company?

Depending on the needs and type of website. Modern Chicago websites have standardized solutions that enable them to be maintained and updated on their own.

The basis of websites is mainly the cms content management system, optimization and positioning of websites thanks to their professional implementation. The cost and price will depend on the number of subpages, type of website design, functionality.

Does website development Chicago take a long time?

If we design websites from scratch, i.e. from the UX process and building user paths, the time to complete websites can be in the range of 20 to 30 days.

Is web design limited to one pre-release?

Initially, website design is one proposal to start with to be discussed with the client. After the workshop stage and collecting comments, another version is being prepared, taking into account the suggestions. Our task is to provide a website that meets the needs of the company and the client, which is why each designed website is to achieve satisfaction with the final result.

Local positioning for phrases with the city, e.g. websites Chicago ?

This is how we deal with both SEO optimization of the website and building its visibility on the Internet. The creation and construction of websites in Chicago takes place in cooperation with an SEO person so that prototyping and mock-ups take into account optimization, the appropriate structure of the document and key phrases and content necessary for the proper construction of the website's visibility in Google. We design Chicagowebsites for customers who focus on building traffic in search engines for local queries, i.e.: + city of Chicago.

Do you create responsive websites?

Yes, currently we only create responsive websites. This is crucial for gaining visibility and higher query conversion. Creating websites in Chicago is not only SEO and optimization, but also care for the perfect mobile version. Our interactive agency runs complex website implementations, and each implementation is a responsive website that is well indexed in the Google search engine.

What content management system are you implementing?

We create websites based on the CMS Wordpress content management system. Our services include the implementation of our own Wordpress system solutions on the website. However, we understand the needs of the client and clients from Warsaw, who can also choose from our offer to create a website based on a builder. Modern websites that we create are equipped with a tailored administrator interface and intuitive functionality, so that all editing work is simple and does not take much time.

When will my website appear on Google?

Depending on the time it was submitted and the number of external links leading to it. Websites usually appear in search results within a few days.

How long does website design take?

We usually take from one to two weeks for the website design stage. We design Warsaw websites in desktop and mobile versions. We take care of designing websites in accordance with the 'mobile first' principle, i.e. paying attention to the needs of the mobile user first.

Do you guarantee websites?

Yes. As a standard, the guarantee for websites is about a year from the date of launching the collection by the Customer. During the warranty period for websites, we carry out repair work and provide support.

The warranty for websites made in our interactive agency includes:
1) licenses for the CMS system, plugins, scripts,
2) correct rendering of the html code by popular browsers,
3) reliable operation on all popular mobile devices,
4) passing qualitative code technical tests using analytical tools such as: gtmetrix.com 5) no problems with the operation of the CMS system and the ability to edit all elements and add new content, photos to the website

Do you guarantee websites?

Yes. As a standard, the guarantee for websites is about a year from the date of launching the collection by the Customer. During the warranty period for websites, we carry out repair work and provide support.

The warranty for websites made in our interactive agency includes:
1) licenses for the CMS system, plugins, scripts,
2) correct rendering of the html code by popular browsers,
3) reliable operation on all popular mobile devices,
4) passing qualitative code technical tests using analytical tools such as: gtmetrix.com 5) no problems with the operation of the CMS system and the ability to edit all elements and add new content, photos to the website

Is website development Chicago comprehensive?

This is how we approach the implementation of websites as a whole, i.e. we create websites along with ordering a domain, server, mail configuration and implementation of an SSL certificate.

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