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Our approach is based on dedicated solutions, usability and creatine UI designs

webdesign solutions

Dedicated websites solutions

Build your brand online with us. Dedicated websites designed in the process of analyzing your business and customer needs. We design functional and modern solutions, support marketing and build a strategy. See our minimalist approach and creativity. We create original websites, we have our own technological stack.

Webdesign solutions

We build refined digital products. We design user paths, create userflow and prototype together with your team.

All this so that the website responds to the needs of the target group for your business.

Solutions without
a website builder

We offer fast and responsive websites. Our own frontend code, optimal for modern requirements of browsers and algorithms, is our specialization.

We implement proprietary and optimized solutions.

and website design

We create a website for specific purposes, which we set together by getting to know your business and clients.

Thanks to workshops and data analysis, our projects are preceded by the construction of prototypes, which already at the stage of their creation allow you to design effective sales paths and website architecture.

Website support
and warranties

We provide a guarantee and support for the websites we have made. We realize that everyone does what they know best.

We offer administrator care and maintenance of websites as part of subscription service.

Website security

We care about the security of the created pages. We work on proven systems, we implement the latest and compatible solutions in the Wordpress environment.

We properly protect your website against hacking, virus, hacker attack.

Analytics implementations
and reports

In order for your own website to be a source of data, it should have analytics implemented (Google Analitycs, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager integration).

It is thanks to web analytics that you will find out who your customers are and what they are looking for on the website, where they come from and which content they are most interested in.

Minimalist websites
- case studies

Websites. Get to know the offer.

Creative approach to design Modern approach, minimalist designs are our most important feature.

Creating web portals Our team creates personalized web portals of all types.

Technical optimization of websites. Analysis of problems and modernization of websites.

Wordpress training and coursesLearn WP with us. We create our own training dedicated to amateurs and experienced WordPress website administrators

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website design

Own website - what do you need to create it?

Create a website that meets your needs and helps you run your business. All types of website builders available on the market are a great solution if:

you know who your client is,
- you can prepare the website architecture,
- you will perform technical and SEO optimization,
- you will take care of the consistency of the website and its proper communication,
- you will implement analytics and ensure responsiveness. rethinking its logic and functionality may not be enough. It is worth considering why the user actually comes to the website and what he expects.

When designing a website, we should put ourselves in the role of a customer, design personas and build consistent communication, because a website is one of many points of contact between customers and your brand.

Setting up a website - what should you know?

A website is about building a brand image, so it's worth taking the time to get to know the needs of the recipients and the expectations of the team towards it. A professional website will help in building the image of an expert and will be proof of the reliability of services or confirmation before starting cooperation with the company.

When setting up a website, it is worth taking care not only of the large logo, but above all about the quality of each of its elements, from the structure to the design, as well as optimization and correct display on mobile devices. Even the best-designed websites will not be effective if their loading time is too long or if you cannot use them on your phone.

Construction and analysis of websites

Learn the typical structure of a website

Each website, regardless of its type, purpose, is built in a similar way. Technically, it should contain sections and elements that users are already used to. In a sense, deviating from the standards, we are exposed to losses in conversion, number of visits and website exploration. Typical elements of websites that should be built of are: - menu containing a logo, navigation, CTA button for contact, optionally a phone number and social media icons, - hero section usually containing a slider and CTA passwords, - sections of offers and services, - sections introducing 'about the company' or what it does, - blog or news, - recent projects, - footer with contact details and repeated menu.

Website analysis - when to do it?

It is worth analyzing the websites adopted at the stage of designing and building the structure after a minimum period of 2 - 3 months, when you will already have data from programs such as Google Analitycs to answer the question of whether your website is willingly viewed and users understand its architecture and content.

It is worth conducting A/B tests and checking how individual changes affect, for example, the time the user stays on the website or conversions previously determined by implementing events in Google Tag Manager.

Ready-made websites - is it worth it?

If the website is a portfolio or has several subpages, a ready-made solution or a purchased Wordpress template makes sense. If you are starting and you do not have the budget for a professional website along with preparing it for gaining customers, and you want to appear among customers, it is worth choosing this form of creating a website.

How to create a website?

When creating a website, it is worth asking questions and putting yourself in the shoes of users. You can also brainstorm to determine why we need a website and who may potentially be interested in entering and for what purpose. The website is primarily an answer to the questions asked by the user, solving the problem, building the brand and image or other purposes, e.g. sales. The final stage of creating a website is its graphic design and implementation in the CMS system. However, if we do not know how to arrange all the elements logically into one whole, our website may not generate traffic and customers. Create your website primarily for users, provide valuable content and make sure it is legible and responsive.

What do you need to create a website?

In addition to the knowledge of creating pages and building a group of recipients from the technical side, you should have: a domain, hosting and a CMS system in which you will be able to edit it and introduce new content, photos or run a blog on an ongoing basis.

Website operation and maintenance

If your website is not up to date, it may be a signal that it is not worth contacting your company. A blog, news left alone, not maintained for a year, lack of current photos, content or offers are typical problems of websites that are left to themselves, and in the long run reflect poorly on the company. It is worth logging in to the CMS system at least once a month, checking its updates and adding a new entry (if you have a blog).

It happens that the website creates a worse image of the company on the Internet because the owner, when creating a stationary business, did not develop the website, which is worth refreshing after several years of operation, due to lack of time. You don't need much time to operate the website or run it, and if you don't have it, it's worth commissioning an interactive agency or freelancer to operate it.

The most beautiful websites and the technologies of their creation?

What connects website design with technical requirements and conversion? Why is the UX of a website important and are minimalist websites better or worse for your customers? Each website is a compromise between quality, visual layer, implementation technology and usability. It should be remembered that effective pages with numerous animations will irritate users in the long run, too long loading time with a complex project that requires advanced coding methods sometimes simply does not make sense.

The purpose of the website is to build relationships and perform a specific action by the user. UX, universality should be in the first place and set the possibilities and framework for the graphic designer and his creativity.

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