Webdesign New York City

Professional and individual web design. Creating websites tailored to your needs and the target group. We focus on usability and minimalism, readability and attention to detail.
These are the New York City websites created in our interactive agency.

We cooperate in the full 360° range, building lasting relationships. We help our clients to appear on the Internet. Web development and online branding.

webdesign New York City

Professional webdesign - New York City

New York City webdesign

Modern design of websites and online stores. We design UX mock-ups and UI graphics in mobile and desktop versions. Experience and quality are the main advantages thanks to which we have been designing websites for over 10 years.

We work with both small and large companies. We know what a design system and personalized solutions are. Professional web design is our domain.

Website design - UX

We know how important usability and logic are. We design shopping paths, userflow. We build positive user experiences.

We take care of statuses and functionality so that everything is consistent and legible for the user. We define consistent styles and UI layer. Our websites are refined and consistent solutions that form a single whole for the end user.

Webdesign - custom solutions

Great optimized, responsive, fast websites.

The optimal code ensures correct and fast display of websites on each device. We care about the user's comfort and adapting the website to the latest trends set by the market, Google and users' needs.

Websites - optimization

We know how to build the visibility of websites on the Internet. We create websites based on the analysis and research of SEO key phrases by building appropriate thematic silos to provide valuable content that will improve the website's visibility in the search engine.

Do you have a website that has no results? Perhaps SEO optimization is missing.

Technical optimization of websites

The created websites undergo Google Page Speed, Lighthouse and gtmetrix.com tests at the level of min. 88 points in the analyzes in the mobile version.

Creating websites with fast and correct construction of html DOM elements, minimized amount of css and js code.

Audyty i pozycjonowanie stron www

A website that is missing visitors is a common problem. Your website is not in the TOP10 in the Google search engine for sales phrases, does not generate new customers?

To find out what may be the cause, we will perform an SEO audit, analyze its content, optimization and SEO activities onsite and offsite, linking and competition.

We will determine the reason for the decline and lack of traffic and how the website is made

Webdesign New York City - case studies

Custom built websites.
Hit your target audience in NYC

Users don't read web pages. They scan them. That is why proper web design of space and light is so important. Properly large headers and short content with an appropriate photo or shape can make the user more willing to browse subsequent sections of websites in search of a topic that interests them. NYC websites - tailored to the needs.

We know that minimalism is the key to success and it is worth focusing on data on how users navigate your website.

After launching, your website is under our care. Within 2-3 months, we recommend our clients to perform a website UX audit based on heat map analysis and Google Analitycs. The report likes to surprise, and the implementation of recommendations helps to achieve better conversion. We create websites based on data analysis.

This is our mission. Our idea is minimalism. Creation and professional website design New York City. We support positive user experience, taking care of their needs and satisfaction from navigating your site. We achieve goals and achieve better than expected conversions.

Advantages of professional websites

Create a modern website.
Discover why it is worth using the potential of the Internet. Your website works for you non-stop. Thanks to the implementation of analytical tools, appropriate design and structure, it builds visibility and generates traffic for sales phrases.

Thanks to the implementation of analytics, websites:
- provide information about the number of visits to individual subpages, exit pages
- are valuable information about content that your users are happy to read,
- allow you to find out the time the user stays on the website.

All this means that you get not only a website but a powerful tool that generates data about your customers.

Website development NYC - process

Learn about the process and how to create websites in our interactive agency. Creating websites is a multi-stage process, the result of data analysis, workshops and developing a strategy for getting the best conversion from a website.

During the cooperation, we will tell you what to do to build trust through a website and the right image, and how to turn visits to your website into customers interested in your service.

Websites NYC - our possibilities

Taking care of the website

Website administration
Our offer is addressed to customers who do not have time to take care of the content, and the website must be up to date.

We offer hourly packages to be used in the period from a month to three.

Website support and warranty

Each side gets a one-year warranty. In the event of a failure, we solve the problems in an urgent or normal mode.

We offer support and care of the administrator who performs not only simple maintenance work, taking care of updating the CMS system, plugins or running a blog, but also security. With us, websites are safe and we watch over their operation 247/7 days a week.

Website positioning

An additional service of positioning websites and online stores. The scope of work and activities are selected individually to the needs, depending on the keywords and competition in the industry.

During positioning, we focus on building the visibility and value of the domain for Google. Website positioning is carried out in a safe process, bearing in mind Google's guidelines.

Responsive websites

We pride ourselves on exceptionally good RWD. Websites New York City - our solutions are dedicated implementations of websites with dynamically adjusting content and scaling photos to the size of the screen.

We minify and optimize CSS and JS scripts and take care of the correct html code. We have our own technological stack built on a framework foundation so that websites are adapted to modern browser requirements.

Fast web pages

Creating pages that open longer than 2 seconds makes no sense.

When implementing websites, i.e. coding static html code, css, we focus on obtaining optimal loading time and technical parameters (performance).

We pay particular attention to the correct and semantic code of the html layer. Our websites are optimized for the latest Google Core Web Vitals algorithms and browser requirements.

Website development NYV

Creating local websites that build ranges for services and offers targeted at specific cities, e.g. NYC.

Websites - building local ranges.
Creating thematic subpages and for specific local phrases, i.e.: service + city. The appropriate structure of the website gives the opportunity to build subpages that build traffic from key phrases from every city in Poland.

Our solutions focus on generating traffic to the website from as many key phrases as possible.

We make sure that websites answer the questions (key phrases) entered by users into the search engine.

NYC website design

What does website design in NYC look like? Why minimal design is important. In today's world, we are bombarded with information that outdoes itself in form and packaging. The user is attacked with thousands of messages and advertisements. It is worth making websites accessible and easily accessible to users.

What if, after entering your website, they simply get what they are looking for? If your website accurately answers his problem, the query ? Without unnecessary and intrusive slogan, popup windows, attacking ads and flashy graphics? Conjure peace and give the user what he is looking for, and you will make him happy and feel that he has found what he was looking for.
A professional website is a combination of SEO and UX.

Websites NYC - the needs of recipients
All your website needs is a clear menu and well-designed usability, information architecture and the logic of navigating the website. Too complicated a path to reach the information you are looking for, too much content causes you to leave the website. In our agency, we focus primarily on clear navigation, well-thought-out architecture, internal linking and meeting the 10 principles of Nielsen heuristics. Thanks to these assumptions, websites are designed to be useful, legible and coherent in a coherent image working for the benefit of your company.

Develop local business in New York City - your own website
NYC is a large agglomeration of business, companies and potential recipients of your services.

Competition for local phrases, e.g.: hairdresser NYC, real estate New York City. In order to be able to use the search engine's capabilities and be found, it is necessary to have a refined website prepared in a way appropriate for the target customer. Creating websites in NYC is an opportunity to attract customers locally for your business. NYC websites improve brand visibility, build trust and credibility on the Internet.

What makes your customers use the service thanks to the website?

Professional web design is a combination of SEO and UX knowledge. Thanks to the knowledge of the principles of UX design and prototyping, we are able to guide the user through the website in such a way that he meets the purpose of his visit. Websites are the perfect place to make a great first impression, build positive experiences and positively surprise the user.

Webdesign NYC

It is a solution for companies:
- wanting to be constantly in good contact with the recipient,
- generating valuable content and focusing on online sales,
- building their online business, which is designed to increase sales.

Website design in New York

Professional websites that are technically refined and smoothly scale to the size of the screen (they are responsive) are the basic requirement that we face every time we design websites.

Each website project is an opportunity to get to know the client's business and his company. When carrying out the task, the first stage is getting to know the team and its needs, and building a profile of the target group.

We create the website together with the client. In our interactive website agency New York, we implement several stages.

Websites are created according to specific processes :
Stage 1 - analysis of needs and preparation of scenarios (first meeting with the client). Implementation of reports and proposed solutions.

Stage 2 - workshops with clients and getting to know the needs. Building a user journey map and website structure / architecture and block diagrams /
Stage 3 - SEO analysis and key phrase research, building thematic silos
Stage 4 - website design - graphics and UIE
Stage 5 - another series of workshops
Stage 6 - website graphics design
Stage 7 - website coding and implementation of the CMS Wordpress system, website tests of static code, i.e. frontend.
Stage 8 - SEO and technical optimization

Webdesign NYC - question

How much does a website cost?

This question is difficult to answer unequivocally, our many years of experience tells us that without a preliminary analysis and a short conversation, we can only give a price range and implementation budget. Not only visual aspects are important, but also technical requirements.

You can get a detailed quote by contacting us, and our professional approach will ensure that you finally receive a specific product that displays perfectly on mobile devices. Order a free quote. In our interactive agency, we create modern websites, management systems and carry out promotional activities that generate sales growth in your company.

How technically should websites be made?

The basic criterion for a professional and well-functioning website is its display time in the browser and technical optimization. However, for this to be possible, the website should have clean and correct html and css code as well as small js script files responsible for interaction and animations. In the case of ready-made solutions, e.g. websites on builders, there may be problems with its loading time and generation and correct understanding by robots.

Too much code, lack of semantics and incorrect structure will have a negative impact on websites created by companies without the appropriate technological background, which is why we advise against using builders and implementing too many plugins or using templates that are often created without respecting the issue of technical optimization and responsiveness adjustment to any screen of the device displaying it.

What affects the conversion of a website?

To be able to set goals and convert, we need to know your company and product. First of all, let's ask ourselves the main question, i.e. why do we need a website. Websites that build conversionWithout analyzing the needs of users, it will be difficult to match the solutions and paths of users to their actual needs and the questions they ask to find answers in the search engine.

The logic of moving around and the menu properly tailored to the nature of the customer is crucial here. In order for the user to convert from a key phrase with an informational or educational intention, it is necessary to properly design this type of blog subpages with appropriate CTA sections directing to related services or subsequent thematic subpages. It is also worth equipping service subpages with CTA quick contact sections or a form that will be placed on the first or second section of the website.

What will I gain by creating websites in NYC ?

In order to be able to create a brand and build the visibility of your company on the Internet, you will need a place where all data from all social media advertising channels will flow. New York City websites are a perfect place to collect the final local traffic from dedicated landing page subpages, the final point of the Customer's style with the brand, this is where sales should take place, contact with your company.

Thanks to the correct recognition of our target group through websites, we are able to measure traffic, query conversion, analyze what content users are interested in, which subpages do not generate traffic and need improvement.

What do I need to run a website?

Professional websites require the right environment to be able to fully use their potential. In our agency, apart from designing and creating websites, we provide services of comprehensive implementation, including assembly and implementation on the server. We also help in the preparation and ordering of additional services that are needed for websites to work efficiently and continuously.

The necessary elements without which no website can function are:
1) Server (hosting), thanks to which access to the website is unlimited. Ideally, it should be at least a VPS server or a dedicated server for websites with a larger number of subpages and planned traffic, extensive interactions or containing numerous multimedia materials
2) Domain. The name under which customers will be able to find your company.

We help in choosing a domain and choosing a company that will provide Internet domain registration services.

3) SSL certificate. An important element of website security. We offer assistance and implementation of the certificate as well as securing the website and online transactions.

4) Basic SEO. You will need at least basic SEO optimization so that in the initial image building process your website can be found by customers at least by the name of the company or with the addition of the city, e.g.: New York City.

What type of website can you make?

We usually work individually and the box model of determining the type of website being created is not important to us. However, websites can be divided into appropriate basic types so that customers can more easily decide on its purpose. Thanks to this, it is easier to make the first decisions regarding its structure and organize the first workshops with our team.

The main type implemented in our interactive agency are company websites or extensive service websites that pursue the goals of building an image, selling services or products. Each NYC website is an individual approach and comprehensive implementation by our team of specialists.

What management system do you recommend when creating websites?

There are many solutions and cms systems that can be used for future administration. A website is primarily a sales tool that should be simply and easily managed by customers. Being aware of this, our New York Cities websites are based on the implementation of the CMS Wordpress system, which gives you a simple option to manage each element and section through a visual editor that does not require knowledge of html coding.

Our solutions are individual Wordpress implementations and integrations of only those functionalities that the project actually requires. The advantage of this approach is the possibility of better optimization and loading time of the website and less code, including database queries, which shortens the reaction time of the website to user clicks.

This cms system is also supported by generally available development opportunities by independent programmers as well as a rich community and continuous development of the CMS.

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