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CRM software modules

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Get to know the basic modules of the system

Business intelligence

Automation and construction of the sales process. In CRM, you have business indicators and team work reporting based on created statuses.


Document flow management in your company. In CRM, you will create selected categories for appropriate user groups.

Develop your own document flow scheme. Export reports for accounting, legal department or clients


We improve the work of your team. Internal communication and task tasks will allow you to efficiently complete tasks on time.


Send invoices online to customers. Set reminders and generate data based on your Tax Identification Number.

Sales Representative

Automation of salespeople's work. Thanks to intelligent work management, your salespeople do not have to remember to send documents.

They have all information about their customers in one place.

HR and payroll

Intuitive human resources management. Full access to data in one place.

Debt collection

Control of contractors' receivables. Automate the payment execution process.


A virtual warehouse, product statuses, and analysis of team work will help your managers in the daily organization of the company's work.


Sale of training, online access or sale of digital materials. Organize and automate the process of planning and managing training.


Comprehensive inventory control and records of company assets.

API import

Download data from external programs that your company uses every day. Thanks to our API, this is possible.

Mail / SMS

Automatic sending of e-mails and text messages about purchases, registrations or status changes. Your team no longer has to remember to send emails manually.

Telemarketing / CTI

Integration with the company's IT infrastructure. We support the telemarketing department by providing tools for online work.


Create new users, define access and possibilities. Assign to the selected project and grant access rights to other modules in the system.


Comprehensive order processing. Sales and conversion analysis.


Build processes and automate your team's work thanks to the ability to individually create each sales path for your employees. Build the process according to which your team will work.


Check where your customers come from, which advertising campaign and on which platform converts best. See which products are most frequently visited and generate inquiries.

Increase conversion
at every stage of the sales process
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With us you will check what influences the quality of work and results of your team, at what stage of the sales funnel you acquire a customer, when you lose leads and why.

Automate the work of salespeople. The administration and preparation of documents can be automatic, including reminders to generate and send them to the client.

Our POWERCRit is the heart of your company.
Thanks to us, all data about orders, clients, notes, offers and arrangements will be in one place, available to all users with specific access rights.

Build relationships with customers - CRM systems for companies

Create relationships and manage contacts. Analyze any data in graphical charts.
Thanks to our solutions in POWERCRM, looking at data takes on a new dimension.
At any time, you can freely filter the data to analyze it, export it from the system and send it to customers.

You don't know where in the sales funnel you are losing customers?
Where do the inquiries come from, from what campaign?
Does the sales team follow the established plan?

Thanks to our solutions, you can quickly and easily check the information you need to make a decision based on the database. Your team will be able to work in the system on a daily basis and use its potential to automate work.

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Our offer of dedicated CRM systems for industries:

CRM systems for ITCRM systems for finance and insuranceCRM systems for gastronomyCRM systems for photovoltaicsCRM systems for developersCRM systems for medium-sized companiesCRM systems for manufacturing companiesCRM systems for kindergartensCRM systems for travel agenciesCRM systems for industry

CRM systems for companies and more

In addition to creating advanced and dedicated CRM systems, our agency also builds websites and applications. If you want to create a professional website, see our proprietary approach to UX design and data analysis.

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