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How we improved the work of salespeople and the marketing department by implementing a CRM system

Analyzing foundational data, desk research, and learning about the process of creating offers by salespeople and the marketing department

For our client in the process of creating a crm system we performed an analysis of found data, desk research and learning about the process of creating offers We held a kickoff workshop where we defined who is the user, the end user of the product and how the client's team currently creates offers for photovoltaic sets using their own XLS sheets.

In the process of analyzing the problem

we noticed that XLS is a document in which each product is entered manually and the counted number of installation capacities based on the products is created separately each time.

Conclusions from the workshop‍

It is necessary to create a flexible CRM system that will have a warehouse and the ability to enter products from the database to create specific offers of kits dedicated to the Ground or Roof with a specific power of the installation, along with automatic calculation of power and needed / missing elements, and if they are not added, the system will automatically report appropriate messages.

Construction of mock-ups and prototypes

The project was broken down into personae based on the functionality needed for each type of user :

  • trader
  • project manager
  • director
  • administrator

Based on the functionalities, the views of each screen of the system were designed. We were responsible for prototyping, UX design, testing with the client's team of solutions and full implementation of the system.

What problems did CRM solve

  • speeding up the work of salespeople in the field - entering basic information into the system and saving the draftee for later completion
  • automating the creation of offers : building a photovoltaic kit from the available stock of products in the warehouse
  • limiting conditions : no possibility of creating a kit with too much power in relation to needs
  • elimination of confusion in the selection of products for a specific type of kit for the roof or ground
  • informing about using too many modules or inverters for the created investment
  • analytical module monitors the effectiveness of kit sales of individual traders, gives analytical tools to create reports for the PM
  • the system gives the possibility to send an offer directly from the panel
  • elimination of human error e.g.: reminder to send an offer or the need for the merchant to accept the offer by the PM / the issue of acceptance of offers and internal communication has been solved as well as the problem with updating prices for rejected offers for future re-use
  • merchant minimizes manual work when creating a contract from an offer / customer data is automatically retrieved from the entered offer

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