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General contractor website, strong UI design spiced with easing animations
Professional work. That is, what is easing and why a developer's website can be 'spicey' to match awwwards reviews ? UX prototyping, UI design. Coding and implementation.

Goals and objectives of implementation

Abyard is an expert in the field of Krakow developers. The construction of houses and estates is their specialty, and innovative technology allows them to reduce this time compared to traditional construction.

The previous website did not reflect the spirit and character of the company. It was also outdated.

Our role

Build a site to match the company's professionalism and production technology. Present the Abyard brand in a modern way and show an innovative approach in the development process.

Highlight the advantage and solutions used. Impress the user and make him stay for longer.

Implementation stages

Why, what and how ?

The client was very specific and prepared from the first moments and knew what expectations he had for the site. The assumptions and moodboards prepared together only confirmed the further efficient process of realization of the site. The brief was established and refined within a few days, which allowed us to work with precise ideas and style of the site.

What emerged was a set of solutions and concepts from which a clear picture of a modern website (on a par with the top projects from the awwwards portal industry awards) in the approach of graphic minimalism was clarified. The whole project was enriched with an amazing smooth animation with easing motion.

UX / UI design

After the data consolidation stage, we proceeded to build UX mockups of the homepage and subpages. A minimalist site by design, actually a developer's portfolio type is a minimum of content and a lot of space, as well as out-of-the-box section layouts and large typo's which we were extremely pleased to design. During the collaboration, we did 2-3 iterations at the UX prototyping stage with the client at which all assumptions about building a site using minimum content and maximum space and large images and header fonts were confirmed.

Finally, after the UX stage, we could start creating the UI layer.

We based the work on the company's branding created so far, which allowed us to use the graphic element, i.e.: rhombus, bevel as the main graphic theme for the site, which in combination with the color black and yellow gave the expected result and satisfaction with the UI design.

The site was designed in basic views i.e. 1366px and mobile : 768px and 366px where sections and graphical elements were simplified.


The site equipped with animations and custom code: html, css, js works fast and despite the implementation of video and effects its loading time and code execution is at a very good level.

At the client's disposal, we provided a custom-implemented CMS Wordpress admin panel built from pre-defined blocks. Thanks to such a solution, the administrator can independently add sections and further subpages of the implementation without the need to contact the developer. The sections were prepared to give full control over the appearance of the subpages, and the drag&drop mechanism provides convenience in prioritizing and ordering the sections on the page.

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Scope of work

UX prototyping
UI layer
Coding html, css
Wordpress cms integration
Technical optimization
SEO optimization
homepage design
clear and mini homepage
large fonts and headings help with readability
list of projects and implementations