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Irix Lens

Irix Lens

World-class lenses manufacturer website
Website for lens manufacturer IRIX. UX, UI and user experience architecture.

Goals and objectives of implementation

IrixLens is a company that offers premium brand products. The company is world-renowned in the photography industry and has many brand ambassadors. In addition, it offers many technological solutions for photographers.

The main tasks included the development of an intuitive and effective user journey path through the website.

The main tasks included the development of an intuitive and effective user journey path through the website.

Our role

Analysis of the previous version of the site and preparation of input data for building its new version. Having at our disposal the tools : Google Analytics, heatmaps : hotjar.com, mouseflow.com we prepared an audit and report on the reception of the site by users and the status of visibility in Google search.

Implementation stages

Why, what and how ?

Wanting to present a premium offer, it was necessary to make a site that conveys prestige but is also clear and functional. Ease of navigation, the ability to navigate to product subpages and the presentation of lenses in the form of interactive animations was a key assumption of the implementation.

UX / UI design

During joint meetings and discussions with the client, the most important thing was to determine the needs of the target client and jointly plan the expectations of the created site.

On the part of the client and his team, it was pre-defined :

  • The number of subpages needed to build offers and services,
  • Preparing content for each of them,

In the course of work and meetings, we worked out the structure of the site and a satisfactory division of IrixLens and lens offerings into groups.

With the material thus prepared, we were able to make prototypes and determine :

  • Determine the desired sections and content that should appear on each subpage,
  • Pre-prepare sections for a certain amount of content in sections,
  • Define the site's functionalities that will be used most often, so that during the site's implementation phase, the site's functionalities can be adjusted so that administrators can build sections and subpages on their own.

The mock-ups created in this way, after a comprehensive discussion, were ready to start work on the preparation of moodboards and UI design.

When composing the moodboard, styles for fonts, colors, space planning and content in sections were selected. As a result, a style was selected to meet the needs of the brand.

Irixlens' branding color scheme, black/white/blue, made it possible to correlate the design with the brand, and the UI design made reflects reliability, professionalism and modernity building a stable brand image.


Animations and user learning about the product

Admittedly, a picture is worth more than 1,000 words, but we decided to streamline this claim.

When implementing the site, we focused on interaction. The reason for this decision was to perfectly reflect the functional and aesthetic qualities of the company's product.

In the sub-pages of the offer, the user can independently experience the advantages and discover the functions of the lenses by interacting with the product itself through turning, twisting or learning about additional information placed in animated icons. In addition, a mask was made for one group of products, revealing parts of the product from the background.

Wordpress implementation - dedicated CMS integration

The implemented site is equipped with a minibuilder that allows you to create sections and blocks on your own from pre-defined settings and capabilities. This gives a great advantage in the subsequent management of the site.‍

The administrator has predefined layouts which he can use when building new content for the site without the need to contact developers. The construction is done through a drag&drop mechanism that gives the ability to select a specific element from a list and place it in a specific place.

The site, despite the animation and video section implementations, loads quickly and is well optimized. A fully editable panel of products and other content was implemented through a dedicated integration with CMS Wordpress.

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Scope of work

UX prototyping
UI layer
Coding html, css, js
Wordpress backend
SEO optimization
Homepage with product, ambassador, feedback and review sections
unique sub-page designs based on developed audience analysis
Lens subpage, parameter list and photo gallery
modern slider concept for the sub-page about us
mask effects and discovering the advantages of the lens