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Rymanow Deweloper

Rymanow Deweloper

It's worth living here
A fully functional website with an apartment management system

Goals and assumptions of implementation

Assistance in creating a new website that will properly display the sales product (apartments, premises) and highlight the advantages of the estate and the developer.

Achieving the highest possible sales conversion.

Managing website content and apartment status from the CMS level.

Our role

Designing user experience of the website based on diagrams so that the website is attractive, clear and useful to the end user.

Implementation of the client's website in the intuitive Wordpress CMS system so that it can be operated by non-technical people. The main administrative goal is to enable changes to all apartment parameters and their statuses.

Implementation stages

Why, what and how?

During the first stage of work on the design of the estate's website, we conducted a competition analysis, SEO research and an analysis of the materials entrusted to us by the client. Goals and assumptions for the website were developed for consultation with the client.

UX/UI design

In the next stage of implementation, we conducted a conversation regarding the client's needs and expectations. What motivates customers to take advantage of the offer and why they would be willing to use the service. How should the website meet customer expectations? Mood boards were created, which served as graphic inspirations for the project.

Finally, clickable prototypes and UX mockups were developed at figma.com for dedicated resolutions of stationary and mobile devices, followed by graphic design.


The website was implemented, content, apartment cards and SEO optimization were implemented based on the Wordpress CMS system.

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Scope of work

Graphic design
WordPress implementation
Technical optimization
clear home page design
Projects subpage design
contrasting backgrounds and icons
clear navigation and photos